Wednesday, August 8, 2007

All You Need To Feed

Discover An Easy Way To Manage Your Product Data Feeds

Google Base Changes
Google Base recently made updates to their feed file specifications, they've added a new field and made a couple of other fields required.
- The MPN, or Manufacturer Part Number, is the new field and it is required
- The UPC, or Universal Product Code, field is now required
- The ISBN, or or International Standard Book Number, is required for all book products

What You Need to Do
You should log on to and map your source fields to these fields, or contact us and we'll do it for you. Your feeds will continue, even if you don't make the changes right away, but Google warns this may cause your ranking to suffer. For more info, view the Google Blog:

New FTP Automation
Do You Want to Completely Automate Your Data Feed Process?
We have the solution for you with FTP imports. Just provide GoDataFeed with your FTP information and we will automatically import your updated product data on a nightly basis.

Start up Your Engines! New Additions...
We recently added Jellyfish, FindGift,, PriceGrabber, Pronto, Sortprice, TheFind and PriceRunner. In fact, Pricerunner is offering an introductory incentive for clients. Contact us at, for more information about this promotion.

Performance Analytics Is Here!
We finally launched our Analytics and revamped our site- check out our new look at

Now you can view real time statistics on store, engine and product-level performance.

Performance Analytics Benefits:

  • Measure your shopping site campaign effectiveness
  • View Real-Time clicks, conversion rates, ROI and revenue
  • Identify top performing products
  • Reduce costs on low margin items
  • Focus on the most profitable shopping channels

    Comparison shopping engines are a powerful sales channel for online retailers, but to get the most for your marketing efforts, you have to track performance and continually modify engine campaigns.

    To get the most out of your feeds, make sure you are:
    - Optimizing content by providing as much descriptive information about your products in your fields as possible
    - Tracking your results
    - Keeping an eye on your ROI
    - Reducing costs on low margin items
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