Monday, September 26, 2011

Google Redirecting Like & Boutiques Shoppers to Google Product Search

Apparel Merchants, Take Note:

Google recently announced that starting October 14th, they will be redirecting shoppers from their and websites to Google Product Search (GPS).

Why? As with all of their recent feed specification changes, this is part of their overall sweep to enhance the user experience, creating an "innovative apparel shopping experience", thus attracting more shoppers that convert. Among their enhanced features, like the ability to browse by price, color, gender and even silhouette, for instance, is the ability to view visually similar styles, (pretty cool!) as seen here below:

Update your Google Product Search Feed
If you're an apparel merchant who is submitting your feed to or, be aware that your datafeed will not automatically transition to Google Product Search, so make sure you are submitting an updated Google Product Search feed that meets all their new requirements.

As noted on their posting:
"As we continue to integrate technology and lessons learned from into Google Product Search, we will be redirecting shoppers from to Google Product Search. The former team, alongside the Google Product Search team, will drive new ideas for apparel shopping through one unified product. "

Check out their new look & feel on Google's Commerce blog

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Boost Holiday Sales, Download GoDataFeed's 2011 Holiday Guide


Standing out during the holiday season is critical to the success of many online businesses, and this year is no exception. Are you ready for the holidays?

After a record-breaking $43 billion in eCommerce sales in 2010, smart retailers need to be on top of their game to capture this year's market share.

To help you strengthen your online presence and attract more qualified holiday shoppers,GoDataFeed has assembled its top shopping channel management strategies for 2011.

Download the Holiday Guide Now

This complimentary download includes:

  • Top 2010 Holiday Spending Days - Review last year's top internet shopping days
  • 2011's Big Shopping Days - Mark Your Calendar
  • Top Holiday Strategies for Q4 - Month-by-Month best practices and actionable tactics to get you holiday-ready
  • Reach More Shoppers - GoDataFeed's Top Shopping Channel & eCommerce Service Picks

Expand your Reach

Now is the ideal time to diversify your marketing strategy to include popular channels includingNextag, Amazon Product Ads, Become or as well as marketplaces like Amazon, or Sears.

Increase Traffic with Free Clicks

Many pay-per-click channels are offering free clicks to get you started. See page 8 of GoDataFeed's Holiday Guide for more details as well as actionable tips to optimize your holiday strategy.

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