Tuesday, February 23, 2010

GoDataFeed's Seamless ProStores Integration for Comparison Shopping Channel Marketing

If you're a ProStores Merchant and interested in listing your products on multiple comparison shopping engines like Google Product Search, Shopzilla, NexTag, Pronto and more, then you should know that GoDataFeed's ProStore's Compatible Shopping Feed Solution can help you get listed effectively and affordably.

GoDataFeed.com is a ProStores Integrated Datafeed Marketing solution that lets you seamlessly automate and optimize feeds to all major shopping channels- with more than 50 shopping channels and affiliate networks to choose from. You can also analyze shopping channel and product performance to focus on your best sellers and remove poor-performing products from your feed.

GoDataFeed’s Exclusive Offer for ProStores Merchants
Start a 30-day Risk-free trial to and receive 3 shopping feed setups (a $225 value) free; this includes 2 feed setups of your choice, plus submission to TheFind.com, one of the Web’s best free shopping channels.

To learn more or view a demo, contact GoDataFeed at 954-745-7998, or contact us to enhance your exposure on the Comparison Shopping Channels.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Shopping.com Introduces New Rates, Listing Policy

Shopping.com Changing Required Fields
To help merchants improve conversions and reduce cost-of-sale, Shopping.com recently revised its new listings policy, which will be required as of July 1st, 2010. Shopping.com will expand their 'required' fields to a total of nine fields, including:
  1. Image
  2. MPN or UPC (C&E only)
  3. Brand (C&E only)
  4. Merchant SKU
  5. Description
  6. Condition
  7. Product Name
  8. Product URL
  9. Product Price

Learn more about Shopping.com's Listing Policy.

Shopping.com Recognized as Low CPC Leader
On a related note, we wanted to share Shopping.com's recent posting- in a Q4 Survey, Shopping.com was ranked 2nd in Lowest Cost-of-Sale during the two weeks which included Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
They also provided merchants, with Shopping.com's ROI tracker, a 12% ROI in leading C&E (Computers and Electronics) categories.

Interested in listing your products on Shopping.com? Check out Shopping.com on GoDataFeed's Supported Shopping Channels page.

Friday, February 5, 2010

ShareASale Shares its Best Practices, Introduces its Aquarium Social Network

This week, GoDataFeed examines best affiliate practices and looks at ShareASale's innovative affiliate social network, "Aquarium." To explain it, we're pleased to host our guest blogger, Carolyn Tang, Director of Client Services for ShareASale's award-winning affiliate network, who will share ShareASale's best affiliate marketing practices and introduce ShareASale's new "Affiliate Aquarium" social network.

Greetings GoDataFeed Merchants! Product datafeeds are a great way to maximize your affiliate marketing channel. They enable your affiliates to better merchandise their sites to meet specific consumer demographics, and they allow affiliates to drive shoppers deeper into your site.

Here are a few key best practices to implement:

  • Product Categorization. Designate a few fields in your datafeed to product categorization. Providing product categories helps affiliates slice and dice your data to best fit their needs. ShareASale offers five custom fields that are perfect for including product data such as: category, sub-category, sale, bestseller, etc. For example, a shopping portal affiliate would get the most out of product categories, while a coupons/deals affiliate would find greater benefit pulling out sale items.

  • Include a SKU or ISBN. When possible, include the product SKU and ISBN number. This is critical for affiliates with product comparison sites.

  • List In-Stock Products. Be sure that your product datafeed is up-to-date with in-stock items. If an affiliate finds too many dead links in your datafeed, the easiest solution for them is to drop your feed.

  • No Direct Links. Don't include any direct links in your product copy.
    Affiliates view direct links in datafeeds as free traffic for merchants, and thus direct links in a datafeed are considered an unethical business practice. If the affiliate uses your datafeed to refresh their site, and after refreshing sees a direct link from their site to yours, with no affiliate tracking in place, they will likely drop your feed. (Note: Direct product links in the product URL field are necessary, as affiliate networks will automatically convert this field to tracking links. Direct links in any other field are not desirable.)

  • Include Image Links. If you have the option, provide the affiliate with both a thumbnail and a large image. Some affiliates are able to auto-resize larger images to meet their site needs, and providing them with a larger image gives them more to work with.

ShareASale's Affiliate Aquarium
ShareASale just launched its Affiliate Aquarium, a social community within the ShareASale network where merchants and affiliates can communicate freely. Merchants and affiliates can create profiles, blogs, groups, events and update their status. Aquarium users are also able to search for other users by keyword or function, making it easy to reach out to merchants and affiliates with mutual interests.

If you're already on ShareASale, and want to check out the Affiliate Aquarium, just login to your account and see the link for “Affiliate Aquarium” and the bottom right side of the main menu.

If you're not on ShareASale and are interested in expanding your visibility through affiliate marketing, take advantage of ShareASale's introductory offer for new GoDataFeed merchants-- Contact Us to learn more.

About Carolyn
As the director of Client Services for ShareASale.com, Carolyn Tang is responsible for building solid relationships between affiliates and merchants within the network, and for ensuring that the needs of all shareholders are communicated and resolved.
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