Monday, July 27, 2009

Amazon Product Ads Enhances Specifications for more Optimized Feeds

GoDataFeed is now integrated with Amazon Product Ads' Enhanced DataFeed Specifications

More Attributes = Better Quality Traffic
New Feed Specs Amazon Product Ads' latest datafeed enhancements give merchants more opportunity to optimize product feeds with more attributes relevant to their product lines and industries.

These new feed specifications improve search results and relevance, which lead to more quality pay-per-click traffic from Amazon, one of the world's online retail giants. For instance, if you sell gourmet food, you can now populate the 'Flavor,' field. You can also add bullet points, keywords, colors, sizes, age and a host of other attributes that help market your products to your target shopper.

How Can I optimize my Feeds for Amazon Product Ads?
If you're GoDataFeed Merchant, you can simply add your desired fields to your source file and map your fields according to Amazon Product Ads' new changes-- just remember *not to* change existing field names. If you have a supported ecommerce platform/shopping cart, like AmeriCommerce, 3DCart, Yahoo Store, ShopSite, Volusion; then, you can add custom fields to your platforms and GoDataFeed will automatically import them. Then proceed to map those fields on Amazon Product Ads Feed (on GoDataFeed) and submit your optimized feed.

High Quality Images Lead to More Clicks & Sales
On a related note, a recent Amazon test shows that adding quality images to your feeds increases page views by up to 60 percent and orders by up to 25 percent-- underscoring the importance of providing shopping engines, and your clients, with quality images that show detail and inspire trust.

Not on Amazon Product Ads yet?
You can sign up for Amazon Product Ads directly through GoDataFeed's Supported Feeds Page.

More About Product Ads
Amazon's Product Ads Cost-per-Click program brings buyers directly to your site by displaying targeted ads for your items on select product and search pages

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Share-A-Sale Affiliate Network Expands Datafeed Specifications

GoDataFeed is now integrated with Share-A-Sale's New Expanded DataFeed Template

New Share-A-Sale Expanded Feed Specs
Share-A-Sale's expanded datafeed revisons lets merchants include more details about their products, through 15 new data columns, to improve search relevance and performance. The new format includes new attributes like quantity discounts, product cross-selling, additional category fields and other product options.

What that Means to You?
These changes are optional, so you only need to make changes if you want take advantage of Share-A-Sale's expanded datafeed format

Want to Enhance your Share-A-Sale Feed?
GoDataFeed clients can map to Share-A-Sale's new fields through the 'Map Fields,' option in the GoDataFeed application. To learn more about how to map your fields, watch our step-by-step 'Video Help' on the top navigation, near the 'Knowledgebase' icon.

Interested in submitting your products to Share-A-Sale?
Interested in Submitting to Share-A-Sale's award-winning affiliate network, you can sign up with Share-A-Sale through GoDataFeed's Supported Feeds page.
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