Thursday, April 22, 2010

Increasing Sales on Google Product Search

Google Product Search is one of the most powerful shopping site platforms for gaining visibiliy and increasing signicant traffic to your site.

To help merchants make the most of their Google Product Search feeds, GoDataFeed shares it's Top 10 Google Product Optimization Tips with Practical eCommerce, in the "Ask an Expert: Optimizing Google Product Search" article, excerpt below:

“There are several ways to optimize your Google Product Search feed to gain valuable, free traffic to your site. The key to optimizing your feed is to provide descriptive and concise information about your products according to Google’s specific requirements, while maximizing all of its available product attributes. Below are GoDataFeed’s Top 10 Google Product Search optimization tips.

1.Optimize your titles and descriptions by providing concise, relevant titles to maximize searchability. Using search engine optimization [SEO] principles, describe your products using keywords that your customers would actually use to search for your products, such as manufacturer part numbers, for instance. Avoid any references to... Read the top 10 Tips on Practical eCommerce

Practical eCommerce
is an online magazine that provides down-to-earth articles and advice to help smaller businesses succeed online. is a Web-based, datafeed management software solution that enables online retailers and marketing agencies to automate and optimize product feeds to all major comparison shopping sites- with more than 60 shopping channels and affiliate networks to choose from. Seamlessly integrated with leading shopping carts including Volusion, Yahoo! Stores, 3dCart, Magento and ShopSite, GoDataFeed empowers merchants to analyze shopping channel performance, track their best-selling products and make informed decisions about how to allocate their ad spend.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Increase in Online Retail and Consumer Spending Indicate Economic Recovery

According to the latest research-- online retail is definitely trending upward. If you're looking for signs that the economy is recovering and that shoppers are spending more confidently, just look at the double-digit growth in online retail sales-- which include an average increase of 12% growth since last year as well as month-over-month growth:
  • Web Retailers are seeing an average of 12% Q1 Growth, according to the latest research by in conjuction with Forrester Research
  • Retail Sales are Up Three Months in a Row-- according to the Commerce Department, the AP reported today; a solid sign that consumer spending is on the rise in a number of departments including: auto dealers, home furnishing and apparel

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