Monday, March 10, 2008

Tips for Tracking Real-Time Sales & Clicks with GoDataFeed

At GoDataFeed, we often get asked- "Which shopping engines are the best ones for my products?"

Although there is no right answer for any one category or merchant, our answer is always the same-- track your sales and clicks using GoDataFeed's Performance Analytics and you'll be able to follow which engines are bringing you more traffic as well as which products are your best/worse sellers. So on to our top "Performance Analytics" questions...

What will Performance Analytics track?

GoDataFeed’s Performance Analytics gives you real time statistics on orders, total clicks, revenue, profit and ROI information from each shopping site as well as product-level data. Performance Analytics will also give you Cost-per-click estimates, if you plug in your CPC values in GoDataFeed's Category Mapping section.

Why Track Performance?
Quickly identifying your top and bottom-selling products is crucial to measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns and your store's performance. Using real-time feedback from Performance Analytics can help you make better informed decisions to increase conversion rates and improve overall sales.
This feedback will help you:

  1. Determine the best performing shopping sites for your store

  2. Focus on optimizing your best performing products

  3. Reduce ad costs by excluding your lower performing products from your product feeds

So what does it take to install Performance Analytics?

It's easy-- just install a couple of lines of java script on a couple of pages on your site-- the landing and conversion pages- test your tracking and then start seeing which shopping sites and products are generating clicks and sales.

You've installed Performance Analytics- what's next?

After you've installed and tested Performance Analytics, can optimize your feeds by removing the unprofitable, low-margin items with GoDataFeed's Product Filter while optimizing by focusing efforts on the best performing engines and products.

Tips for Analyzing your Campaign's Success:

  • Define how you will measure your campaign’s overall return on investment and conduct ongoing, routine analysis of your comparison shopping engines

  • Set benchmarks by comparing monthly and quarterly figures

  • Identify which categories and items generate the highest revenue

  • Assess keyword trends in your top revenue-generating categories and items and determine which ones are driving traffic to your site

  • Determine which comparison shopping engines customers are using to find your site and generating revenue

  • Monitor costs and revenue received from each shopping engines’ click-through and conversion rates and modify your campaign accordingly

GoDataFeed Merchants-- you can download the Instructions directly from your Home Page in the GoDataFeed Application-- under the "Analyze Results" section. If you need assistance implementing Performance Analytics, or still have more questions, please email us at

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