Monday, April 27, 2009

Optimizing your Shopping Feeds for Mother's Day

Shopping for Mother's Day on the internet is so easy and convenient, it's no wonder more consumers are searching for just the right gift for Mom online.

Late April to early May, searches on comparison shopping engines for mother's day gifts are expected to peak, so to get your product feeds ready for the 4th highest spending holiday, GoDataFeed suggests:

  • Highlighting Ideal Mother's Day Gifts in your product feeds by sprinkling your titles and/or descriptions with terms including: mother's day, mother's day gift, gift for mom, mother and daughter, mom, grandmother, gift idea (for) mom, mother in law, nana or mommy

  • Personalization- Stores that offer personalized items, such as jewelry, should promote that service for mother's day; with GoDataFeed, you can include any promotional message in your product feeds. For instance you can include " Free engraving" in any shopping feeds that allow promotional messaging

  • Promote Free & Fast Shipping- With many shoppers rushing to get mom her gift on time, free, fast or same-day shipping should be accentuated in your feed. For instance, Gift Basket Sites- if you offer same-day delivery, be sure to include that information in your product feeds.

  • Include Promotional Language- such as Mother's Day gift with purchase, free gift-wrapping, discounts and coupons
According to the National Retail Federation's Mother's Day Survey by BIGresearch, despite the slow economy, approximately 18 percent of consumers expect to buy Mother's Day Gifts online, spending the same, or more than last year; an average of $181.88 in multiple categories, including:

- Jewelry & Watches
- Books
- CDs
- Gift Certificates
- Consumer Electronics
- Computer Goods & Accessories
- Personal Services - Spa Facials & Massages

Other very popular Mother's Day Gift Categories include:
- Flowers
- Housewares
- Home Decor
- Clothing
- Chocolates
- Edible Gifts

If you sell any of these product lines and want to learn how GoDataFeed can help you optimize your product feeds for Mother's Day, contact GoDataFeed to view an online demo, or start your risk-free $0.99 trial today.
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