Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Become.com's Gift to Merchants, $25 in free clicks offer

Today we are happy to host our guest blogger, Greg Haslam, Senior VP of Become.com’s US Comparison Shopping, who will share with us Become’s gift to merchants, which includes $25 in free clicks for any new online retailers interested in listing on Become.com.

Become's $25 Free Clicks Offer

To get more information on the $25 free clicks offer, contact customerservice@godatafeed.com
Guest Blogger: Greg Haslam from Become.com

Greetings Merchants,

Unlike other shopping engines, Become will not raise our rates for the 2009 holiday season. We have historically preferred to give our merchant partners control of their campaign strategy during this peak shopping period, and this year is no exception.

We feel it important to provide our retail partners the flexibility to adjust their bid rates on a campaign, category, or individual product level in order to optimize their listings-- especially during the critical Holiday season. This pricing strategy is based around an individual retailer’s own internal goals and performance rather than a forced increase across the board.

Logo Program Promotion
We are also decreasing the cost to participate in our logo program by half for the month of November, in order to make ancillary branding opportunities on Become.com more available for merchants with various budgets to try out.

Become’s Datafeed Optimization Tips:

  1. Merchants should always provide images and categories; missing either component will result in artificially down-ranked listings

  2. Map as deeply as possible into the Become taxonomy-- GoDataFeed has all of Become's categories built-in to its software, making it easy to categorize products

  3. The more unique identifiers one can provide, the better. Do not provide false unique identifiers just to populate the columns (e.g., 123456789 for UPC). If no data is available you can 1) leave the field(s) blank 2) omit the entire column, or 3) use internal numbers as SKUs under the SKU headers

  4. Make sure the titles are clear and concise, while important keywords are placed at the beginning of the fields; include descriptive keyword information in the product descriptions as well (size, color, brand, etc).

  5. Bid up a minimum of one cent for a quick boost to surpass those bidding at the minimums; depending on the category, bids can become competitive quickly—reviewing your bid strategy is important (especially during high shopping peaks like the holidays)

  6. Free shipping can be indicated by entering “0” in the shipping cost fields
    Provide tax and shipping information when possible. If tax is not charged in one or more states, use “0” to indicate as such in your merchant dashboard

  7. Logo placement is available on Become.com to merchants who are bidding competitively to positively affect their ranking.

  8. Update your listings as frequently as possible. Inaccurate pricing information will quickly harm conversions

  9. Become.com offers a free ROI tracker that is integrated into their merchant dashboard reporting and helps optimize listings

To learn more about listing your products on Become.com, visit GoDataFeed's Supported Shopping Channels page, or contact customerservice@godatafeed to get the $25 in free clicks today.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Increase Your Visibility with theFind's new UpFront Program

TheFind just launched their new UpFront Program, to help merchants enhance their visibility on theFind.

If you're already listing your products on theFind, read on about getting on theFind's FREE UpFront program, with a Special Offer ($299 Value) for GoDataFeed Merchants below.

If you're not on theFind, this is your opportunity to learn more about one of the best FREE comparison shopping engines on the Web.

We are happy to host our guest blogger, Jordan Keffer from theFind.com

Greetings from TheFind! Our shopping search engine currently attracts over 13.5 million shoppers every month, and is built upon a philosophy of being the most comprehensive shopping destination online. We are thrilled to have sent traffic to over 100,000 unique retailers just in the last 30 days!

Our Merchant Center is for every merchant - large or small - who wants greater visibility and relevance within TheFind’s search results. Simply log in to claim your store and submit your key information - including payment and shipping options, Twitter and blog URLs, customer service links and more - so that we can share it with our shoppers and help increase your store’s relevance and conversion rates.

theFind's Upfront Program
Once you’ve claimed your store, you’ll be able to submit coupons and promotions and upload your logo and physical store locations. Also, be sure to join your peers in UpFront Program which gives you an added boost of visibility and transparency.

Limited Time Offer for GoDataFeed Merchants
For a limited time, we are waiving the annual UpFront service fee for GoDataFeed merchants, so be sure to join before the critical Holiday shopping season.

Here’s how it works:
1) Create an account in our new merchant center: https://merchant.thefind.com/.
2) Tell us more about your store by filling out the profile questions. This information will appear on our site with your product listings.
3) Verify your store by placing the code of the button, badge or link that you would like to display on your homepage and then clicking on verify. Shoppers will be able to click on the UpFront badge on your site and see a pop-up with the same information that appears on TheFind.

That’s it! As long as you leave the UpFront badge up on your site, you’re a member of the program and you’ll receive all of the benefits (including increased visibility on our site) that come with it!

If you can’t place the UpFront badge or text link on your homepage right now, you should still go in and tell us more about your site – the more information we have about your store, the more relevant your results will be in our search algorithm and the easier it will be for you to connect with the millions of shoppers who visit our site every month.

To learn more, go to: https://merchant.thefind.com/ and http://www.thefind.com/upfront.
Stay up-to-date on the latest from TheFind’s UpFront Program and Merchant Center on our Merchant Blog and Twitter. We follow back!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Optimize Your eCommerce Holiday Strategy

Holiday Edition- Tips & Tactics Guide

To help you make the most of this holiday season, we at GoDataFeed have teamed up with our eCommerce Partners eComIQ.com and SearchSpring.net to offer you an actionable retail checklist, chock full of useful tips and industry insider tactics you can use to prepare for 2009's biggest shopping days.

This guide also features new merchant offers by the industry's leading shopping channels and affiliate networks.

Download the Tips & Tactics Holiday Edition Guide Today to learn more:
  • Get Ready for the Big Shopping Days- Calendar Items
  • Product Feed Optimization, with New Shopping Channel Merchant Offers
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Site Search Optimization
  • Email Marketing

Visit us at GoDataFeed.com to get your copy and drive more quality traffic to your site this holiday season!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Amazon Product Ads Offering $25 Free Clicks in October

Amazon Product Ads just launched an October Free Clicks promotion where you can get up to $25 in free clicks for their CPC program. So if you've been thinking about trying out Amazon Product Ads, now is the time.

How it Works:

1. CPC Program- You only pay for click-throughs to your site

2. Market to Amazon.com's Customers- Amazon Product Ads helps you reach Amazon.com's millions of qualified, motivated shoppers

3. Get Started and get up to $25 in free clicks-- no monthly fees or minimum spend.

More About Product Ads
Amazon's Product Ads Cost-per-Click program brings buyers directly to your site by displaying targeted ads for your items on select Amazon.com product and search pages

Ready to get started? Sign up with Amazon Product Ads today, and take advantage of their introductory offer.

Want to learn how to streamline and optimize your feeds to multiple shopping sites?

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sign up with Pronto and Get 20% off First Month's Clicks

If you're looking for more value for your online marketing dollar, listing your products with Pronto lets you reach the Web's largest social shopping site and automatically market your products on Ask.com and CitySearch.com.

Pronto's Specialized Sites Drive More Targeted, Quality Shoppers to your Store
Plus, Pronto has recently rolled out a fun, new initiative to give shoppers a unique retail experience in Pronto's three most popular categories:

  • ProntoStyle.com
  • ProntoTech.com
  • ProntoHome.com
Pronto's uniquely branded sites feature easy-to-access categories, brands and sale items, making it easier for shoppers to find your products.

Interested in Listing Your Products on one of the Web's Fastest Growing Shopping Engines?

5 Reasons to List on Pronto
  • 70+ million products, 65,000+ stores

  • One of the Web's fastest-growing shopping engines & social networks

  • You can highlight listings with promotional text

  • The Web's largest social shopping site featuring more than 14 million unique users

  • Automatically markets your products on Ask.com and CitySearch.com

Ready to Get Started with Pronto?
Get 20 percent off your first month's clicks by contacting GoDataFeed's Customer Service at
customerservice@godatafeed.com and requesting Pronto's promotional code today.

To learn more about Pronto, visit GoDataFeed's Supported Shopping Channels.

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