Friday, January 1, 2010

Resolved to Try Social Networking in 2010? Try Sortprice's Facebook Storefront

For those of you who have resolved to incorporate social networking into your marketing mix this year, we are pleased to announce the first promotion for 2010 with, who is offering GoDataFeed merchants a discounted promotion when they sign up for their enhanced listings program, which includes a free Facebook Storefront application.

Expose Your Brand on the Facebook Platform
Sortprice's Offer to GoDataFeed Merchants: Sign up for 6 months of Sortprice's Enhanced Flat-rate listings and get the 7th month Free, including a Free Facebook Storefront (limited-time offer)...Learn More

If you're not already on Facebook, you should know that many companies and online retailers, like Petco and Tiger Direct, are quietly branding themselves through this increasingly popular medium.'s Facebook Store application actually lets online retailers create a Facebook storefront.

This week's guest blogger, Doron Simovitch, CEO and Co-Founder of Sortprice will explain further:

Greetings GoDataFeed's Online Retailers,
For starters, merchants who list on Sortprice are guaranteed one of the fairest deals in the CSE industry:
  • A flat-rate pricing structure that ensures against click fraud
  • Gives merchants the ability to list all their products, regardless of profit margin
  • All products are also shuffled daily, ensuring all merchants receive equal exposure.

Sortprice's Facebook Storefront
The Facebook Storefront is included in the Enhanced listings program. Sortprice builds the storefront and retailers can customize it to their needs. Many of the 1,000+ online merchants using the Facebook application are already raving about how influential it is in expanding their ecommerce presence and tapping into Facebook's 350 million users.

Sortprice is committed to creating successful partnerships with merchants and building a strong
presence on Facebook is one area that sets Sortprice apart from other shopping engines. Sortprice brought the first-ever virtual storefront to Facebook, which is free to any enhanced merchants and lets them operate a store with their product listings directly on their Facebook pages. It even includes a fun "Wishlist" feature that lets Facebook users register gifts they wish for!

Sortprice's Fast Facts:

  • Flat-fee Pricing for Enhanced Listings
  • 5,000 Online Retailers
  • 1,000 Retailers on Facebook Store Application
  • Millions of visitors each month

We at Sortprice are committed to helping online retailers succeed and with our technology and special features, we strive to build solid relationships with every online retailer. We also strongly recommend working with datafeed optimization partners, such as GoDataFeed, to ensure merchants are submitting the most optimized product data.

GoDataFeed will continue helping online retailers enhance their exposure in 2010 by seeking out special offers and discounts with the most popular shopping engines, affiliate programs and innovative new programs, like Sortprice's Facebook Storefront.

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