Monday, July 12, 2010

GoDataFeed Supports Google's New Requirements for Books, Media and Electronics Retailers

If you are a US Retailer selling Books, Media and/or Electronics and submitting your feed to Google Product Search, you should know that Google Product Search will require you to include the appropriate unique identifier, such as MPN, Brand, GTIN/UPC/EAN or ISBN, in your datafeed, starting in late August.

GoDataFeed offers these Google industry-specific templates to help you:
  • Identify opportunities for better feed optimization- in minutes!
  • Validate for all required fields in Books & Media and/or Electronics
  • Maximize all recommended fields, like author, publisher, genre, actor, YouTube video, manufacturer, size, compatibility, etc...
  • Ensure you are sending the most relevant, optimized feed to Google Product Search, one of the Web's most important shopping engines

          Google Product Search UK & Germany will soon follow these requirements. Learn more about Google Product Search's new required fields on the Google's Merchant Blog

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