Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bing Shopping's Webinar, Q&A Recap

Thank you to all the online retailers and marketing agencies, and Bruce Curling of Microsoft, for joining us on the Bing Shopping Webinar earlier this week.

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Whether or not you were able to attend, we have recapped below some of the most frequently asked questions about Bing Shopping's new program:

Q: Are merchants who were already accepted into Bing Cashback grandfathered into Bing Shopping, or do we have to re-apply?
A: Bing Cashback merchants will automatically get their products listed on Bing Shopping and do not need to re-apply. Bing Shopping still accepts the same Cashback format, just disregard the commission field.

Q: How long does it take to get approval after submitting the request form.
A: Bing Shopping should have each application approved within 5 working days.

Q: How do we sign up for this program?
A: Merchants can request a Bing Shopping application directly from the GoDataFeed team

Q: How long does it take to see listing on Bing Shopping?
A: All products in all feeds take about two weeks to show up on the live site after they are initially dropped on the FTP. The time required to match the entire catalog and post it to the live site can vary and depends on a number of factors (size of catalog, richness of data, etc). Bing Shoping performs an initial matching to ensure that all products are properly merchandised and ensure search relevance. In short, Bing Shopping's team takes a little more time on the front end to ensure that you have a great experience over the long term with their program.

Q: Bing has "MerchantCategory" and "BingCategory". Can you clarify the difference and what they should look like?
A: Bing's Categories are top-level departments, while the Merchant Category you provide, detail deeper categories and subcategories. For instance, if you sell housewares, your products may be categorized in Bing Shopping's "Home Furnishings," department, and your Merchant Category will be "Home & Garden > Bedding> Sheets.

Q: Where do you draw the reviews and ratings from?
A: We receive a feed from Reseller Ratings. You can get more details on the Reseller Ratings website: http://www.resellerratings.com/merchant-solutions

Q: Will products expire after 30 days?
A: Products will expire after 45 days,if they are not refreshed (i.e. a new feed is uploaded) We do recommend submitting feeds daily, weekly, or at minimum, monthly.

Q: Is Bing shopping available for Canadians?
A: Currently, Bing only accepts US-based merchants, but is working on expanding international acceptance in the future.

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