Monday, October 4, 2010

Get More Exposure on this Holiday Season

To help you get ready for the Holiday Season, we at GoDataFeed want to help you optimize your feed campaigns, especially on shopping channels like which can really make a dent in your holiday traffic. To all the GoDataFeed merchants who are selling their products on, make sure you're:
  1. Sending their editorial team the '2010 Holiday Product Recommendation Special Offers,' spreadsheet they've recently solicited from you to enhance your holiday listings
  2. Promote any shipping or holiday special offers through your product feed
  3. Take note of's Holiday Rate Card increases for select categories

Highlight your Top 10s! sent the email with the aforementioned spreadsheet Friday (10/1/10) to get feedback from retailers regarding retailers "Top 10..."

  • Top 10 Holiday Themed
  • Top 10 Stocking Stuffers (under $50)
  • Top 10 Men
  • Top 10 Women
  • Top 10 Teens
  • Top 10 Baby
  • Top 10 Pets
  • Top 10 (Your Choice)
Promote your Special Offers
If you have low/free shipping offers, holiday coupon codes/discounts or same-day 'gifting' offers (i.e. for flower delivery retailers, for instance) make sure to include those attributes in your feed

Holiday Rate Card

Please note's Holiday Rate Card Adjustments for select categories, and will take effect October 15th.

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