Thursday, March 17, 2011

GoDataFeed Now Supports Amazon Product Ads Cost Reporting

Want to maximize profits, reduce costs and stay informed of your shopping channel marketing performance?

GoDataFeed's actionable analytics helps you make the most of your shopping channel marketing, tracking real costs on multiple pay-per-click channels, and now includes Amazon Product Ads.

Plus, you can still get $75 in free clicks on Amazon Product Ads, so use GoDataFeed's cost reporting to track those clicks.

As featured on Amazon's Seller Blog, GoDataFeed's Performance Alerts & Cost Reporting are tools designed exclusively to help you make more effective decisions and increase your campaign's profitability.

Performance Alerts help you identify strengths and weaknesses before they become costly and unprofitable, like:
  • Sudden drop in clicks or conversions
  • Increase in click costs
  • Products exceeding profitability margins
Helps you Flag:
  • Landing page issues
  • Poorly categorized items
  • Non-competitive pricing
  • Deactivated/unfunded account
  • When to bid higher on best sellers
Improve Campaign Performance by:
  • Easily Excluding Under-performing products
  • Modifying & Monitoring all your campaigns performance in one place
  • Using Feedback to Increase/Decrease Bidding
Cost Reporting captures real ad spend on select channels*, makes it easier to decide which products to exclude before they become unprofitable and which campaigns need tweaking.

Cost Reporting Advantages
  • Real feedback = deeper insight into your campaigns
  • Helps you make more informed campaign decisions
  • Receive actionable updates through Performance Alerts
Cost Reporting Reflects valuable metrics including:
  • Cost-of-Sale-Percentage (COS%)
  • Return-On-Ad-Spend (ROAS)
  • Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA)
*GoDataFeed captures cost reporting for the most popular pay-per-click channels including NexTag,, Pronto, Become, PriceGrabber, Amazon Product Ads (new!) and Shopzilla (coming soon)-- and will be adding more channels.

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