Monday, February 14, 2011

Merchant Promotions we LOVE this Valentine's Day

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, we at GoDataFeed want to share the merchant promotions we LOVE, offered by our shopping channel, social & ecommerce service provider partners:

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Increase Shopping Channel Profitability with GoDataFeed's New Performance Alerts & Cost Reporting

Introducing GoDataFeed's Actionable Intelligence to Maximize Shopping Channel Profitability

How would you like to have an assistant whose only job is to monitor your shopping channel analytics? Want to receive an email each time a campaign needs optimizing or fails to meet your marketing goals?

GoDataFeed is pleased to announce its two latest analytics modules: Performance Alerts & Cost Reporting; tools designed exclusively to help you make more effective decisions and increase your campaign's profitability.

Performance Alerts scans your campaign metrics daily and automatically emails you anytime something significant happens with your analytics. For example, if your clicks drop suddenly, your click costs exceed a specific threshold or if certain products are going beyond their profitability margins.

How it Works? First, you decide what to look for. Then, simply setup an alert. GoDataFeed will automatically deliver you that intelligence so you can take action accordingly (sample Performance Alert below for a 10% decrease in clicks in one week)

Why Performance Alerts?
Reasons for an alert could vary from increased click costs, a sudden drop in clicks or conversions; variations that could derive from a number of reasons, including landing page issues, poorly categorized items, non-competitive pricing or a deactivated/unfunded account. You will easily be able to identify strengths and weaknesses before they become costly and unprofitable.

Metrics That Matter Once you receive an alert, you can take action to improve your campaign performance by either excluding products or modifying your campaigns (i.e. product title, categorization, pricing or shipping costs.) Plus, you can monitor all your campaigns performance and exclude or include products **directly** from your GoDataFeed account (Easily remove underperforming products in one place, just 'Exclude' products as in screenshot below)

Cost Reporting
is a module that captures real ad spend on select paid channels. Real feedback lets you gain even deeper insight into your campaigns by reflecting valuable metrics like Cost-of-Sale-Percentage (COS%), Return-On-Ad-Spend (ROAS), Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) and Average Cost-per-Click (Avg. CPC). Cost reporting helps you make more informed campaign decisions. Plus, you can receive the information through Performance Alerts, giving you the intelligence you need, when you need it. GoDataFeed captures cost reporting for the most popular pay-per-click channels including NexTag,, Pronto, Become, PriceGrabber and Shopzilla (coming soon)-- and will be adding more channels.

How it Works?
Cost Reporting gives you a more complete picture of what's happening with your pay-per-click campaigns, making it easier to decide which products to exclude before they become unprofitable as well as which campaigns or bidding need adjusting. Simply activate Cost Reporting and receive these critical metrics through Performance Alerts (sample Cost Reporting metrics, like COS% 'Cost of Sale Percentage' )

Ready to Gain that Competitive Analytics Edge?
Simply Add Performance Alerts & Cost Reporting modules in four easy steps:
  1. Implement GoDataFeed’s Analytics
  2. Go to the ‘My Account’ > Manage Stores Section
  3. Choose the Store you want to Activate
  4. Choose the Analytics Add-On Modules
Upgrade Your Analytics Today and get these modules for only $25 monthly, each-- much less expensive than the cost of a hiring a shopping channel analytics assistant!

Still have questions about Performance Alerts or Cost Reporting? Contact GoDataFeed or 954-745-7998.

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