Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Amazon Product Ads Changes & Webinar Recording Now Available

Sellers and industry experts have labeled Amazon Product Ads a "highest converting" CPC product advertising channel. Amazon teamed up with GoDataFeed on last week's Webinar to share how you can succeed through Product Ads, it's highly targeted and relevant pay-per-click ads.

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  • Get in front of millions of Amazon Shoppers to increase traffic to your site
  • Take advantage of Amazon's Product Ads promotion to get $75 worth of free clicks to your website!
  • Optimize your campaign strategy with the practical tips & tactics...all in the Webinar

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Upcoming Changes to Amazon Product Ads:

  • Pricing Changes to the Product Ads Minimum: Starting June 1st, Amazon Product Ads is changing minimum bids, increasing it in 36 categories, decreasing it in 4.
  • View the new Rate Card
  • Already on Amazon Product Ads? They will automatically set bids to the new minimums on June 1, 2011. **If you do not want your bids to be set automatically** login to Seller Central account and look for the title "Minimum Bids in 36 Categories are changing" at the top of any page to manage your bidding
  • Categories Include: Baby, Computers, Electronics, Health and Beauty, Home, Home Improvement, Office, Sports, and Toys. Pre-approval is required in the Jewelry, Shoes, and Watches categories
  • Coming Soon! New Categories will include: Musical Instruments, Grocery and Gourmet, and Pet Supplies

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

GoDataFeed Supports Google's New Requirements for Unique IDs, Tax & Shipping

GoDataFeed has created a new Google Product Search feed template to reflect its upcoming feed requirements- which will go into effect May 3rd and June 6th.

We've created this new template to allow you to continue using the existing Google feed template, uninterrupted, while setting up the new one. We recommend you begin adding your Unique Product Identifiers and migrating to the new template this month (before May) to stay ahead of the game.

Google aims to help shoppers make better buying decisions with more accurate product and pricing information. GoDataFeed's new Google Product Search template will ensure you are adhering to Google's new requirements, maximizing all recommended fields and sending the most relevant, optimized feed to one of the Web's most important shopping engines.

If you are submitting your feed to Google Product Search, you will be required to include the following attributes in your feed:

Starting May 3rd

Unique Product Identifiers- you'll need to include two out of the three unique product identifiers, such as Manufacturer Part Number (MPN), Brand or Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) in your datafeed (except for apparel or 'one-of-a-kind' items). This means you will now need 2 of the 3 below:
  • Brand Name (or Manufacturer)
  • MPNs -- these are usually Alpha Numeric codes assigned by the Manufacturer
  • GTINs --these are product codes or other values associated with an individual product generally 12 to 14 numerical digits and assigned by the Manufacturer, which include UPC, EAN (in Europe), JAN (in Japan), and ISBN (10 digit codes for books)
Important Note: As stated on Google's Blog: 'Products without unique product identifiers may not be listed in Google Product Search, though the feed may not be disapproved.' So to avoid seeing a drop in traffic, make sure to use ACCURATE Unique IDs, UPCs or MPNs and a Brand name, as opposed to an internal merchant ID or SKU.

Starting June 6th

Tax & Shipping Data- you'll be required to include tax and shipping information. This pricing data can be set through either your Google Merchant Center or item-level through your datafeed. After June 6th, merchants not including accurate tax and shipping information may cause Google to disapprove their feeds.

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Learn more about Google Product Search's new Unique ID or Tax/Shipping requirements on Google's Merchant Blog

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