Tuesday, March 17, 2009

GoDataFeed Now Supports Greenzer.com’s Eco-Friendly Shopping Site

Helping Merchants Cater to the Green Lifestyle

Who says it’s not easy being green? With shopping sites like Greenzer, selling green products is not only easy, it helps online merchants capture the growing market of shoppers interested in making more socially and environmentally responsible shopping choices. After noticing a growing trend toward more eco-conscious shopping, GoDataFeed added Greenzer.com, a green shopping site that promotes and simplifies earth-friendly shopping.

“Eco-friendliness is a new criteria shoppers are using to buy healthier, better quality products and we find that our website’s educational content both simplify buying decisions and result in higher conversions for merchants.” said Jeremy Arditi, one of Greenzer’s founders. “Consumers are only beginning to realize the tangible personal benefits from living green and we see this awareness influencing the purchasing process on an unprecedented scale.”

While there are a growing number of environmentally-friendly products on the market, many consumers are still trying to make sense of the green terminology and how it can enhance their lifestyle. Greenzer’s comprehensive buyer guides, online videos and product comparisons provide consumers with a well-rounded, balanced approach to shopping eco-friendly products, delivering more qualified shoppers.

“We are excited to work with forward-thinking shopping sites, like Greenzer, to provide merchants with a uniquely green platform to feature their eco-friendly products—giving more qualified exposure to those product lines.” said Ro Grosman, Director of Technical Operations at GoDataFeed. “Greenzer does the research for consumers and offers merchants an innovative way to highlight and sell more environmentally responsible products online.”

To be listed on Greenzer, products must meet one or more of Greenzer’s minimum environmental standards and go through Greenzer’s “Green” filtering process. Greenzer also ranks products on a scale from 1 to 10 according to their “Greenness,” 10 being the most green. By selling green products online, merchants are supporting green businesses and encouraging manufacturers to develop more earth-conscious product lines.

To help merchants increase their online footprint, while reducing our ‘collective’ footprint, GoDataFeed is offering a discounted rate for merchants interested in automating and optimizing their product feeds to Greenzer. In addition, GoDataFeed will setup the Greenzer feed for new clients—at no cost- a $75 value. To learn more about this promotion, contact GoDataFeed at customerservice@godatafeed.com.

GoDataFeed also supports more than 50 shopping channels including Shopzilla, PriceGrabber, NexTag and more.

About GoDataFeed
GoDataFeed is reshaping the delivery of product feeds to the major comparison shopping channels with an innovative solution that properly and effectively automates, optimizes and analyzes the data feed management process. GoDataFeed empowers online retailers and search engine marketers by providing an affordable, time-saving solution to increase traffic and visibility on more than 50 comparison shopping sites and affiliate networks.

Serving online retailers, hosting and search engine marketing firms, GoDataFeed strives to meet the individual needs of each merchant and exceed customer expectations. GoDataFeed’s staff provides one-on-one customer service to meet the unique demands of each company and works with each client- from setting up customized feeds to implementing tracking—to ensure feeds are delivered properly and are driving motivated buyers to their site. GoDataFeed also caters to companies who wish to delegate the entire data feed setup process.

GoDataFeed’s software engineers and marketing specialists have developed ecommerce solutions for online businesses since 2000. Responding to the popularity of comparison shopping channels, GoDataFeed’s team combined its collective knowledge of best ecommerce and shopping channel marketing practices to create a single, user-friendly application to manage the product feed process. The GoDataFeed team has been quoted by retail industry sites including Practical eCommerce, Ecommerce-Guide.com, Small Business Informer and ECommerceOptimization.com.

About Greenzer
Greenzer is a new Web site and shopping engine intended exclusively for ‘green’ products, offering people the chance to shop at online retailers offering eco-friendly products. The catalog offers products that meet a minimum green requirement across ten categories, including apparel and accessories, beauty, babies and kids, electronics, home and garden, and travel. Using a proprietary, patent-pending technology, Greenzer scores select products’ impacts on the environment by analyzing their green attributes, labels/certifications, and manufacturers’ sustainable practices. The result is a 1-10 ‘Greenzer Score’. The site also offers green lifestyle content, such as the Daily Greenz blog, buyer’s guides and other content features. Greenzer also powers green shopping experiences on several partner sites including MSN. In October 2008, Greenzer was selected in PC World’s “100 Incredibly Interesting & Useful Websites”
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