Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Amazon Wins Black Friday & Cyber Monday - Get your $75 in free clicks

Amazon Up 25% on Black Friday & Leads Cyber Monday
Product Ads
Webinar Recording Available

Amazon saw a 25% increase in visitors on Black Friday* and online sales rose 19% on Cyber Monday, with Amazon being the most visited Shopping Site on the Internet**-- so if you missed GoDataFeed's Amazon Product Ads Webinar, great news! You can still listen to the Webinar and learn how to:

• Get in front of millions of Amazon Shoppers to increase traffic to your site
• Take advantage of Amazon's Limited time promotion by signing up for a Product Ads account by 12/31/10 and receiving $75 worth of free clicks to your website!
• Optimize your Holiday Strategy with the latest tips & tactics...all in the Webinar
• Get your Amazon Product Ads Campaign Up & Running for the Holidays!

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Amazon Product Ads Webinar Recap:
• More Exposure on Amazon: Product Ads offers you more advertising placement opportunities showing your ads in relevant & related searches
• Higher Conversion Rates: Because of the targeted nature of Product Ads placements, sellers and industry experts have labeled Amazon Product Ads a "highest converting" CPC product advertising channel
• Get More Shoppers to your Site: Customers are directed from Amazon to your Website to complete purchases
• You Control Costs: Product Ads has a rate card with a minimum CPC bid for each product is based on the product category and product price; you control the maximum price you are willing to pay per click with your CPC bid
• Get on Amazon Quickly: Sign up with Product Ads and either setup the feed yourself or request a GoDataFeed Feed Setup and get your products in front of Amazon Shoppers before the Holidays!
• Open Categories include: Baby, Computers, Electronics, Health and Beauty, Home, Home Improvement, Office, Sports, and Toys. Pre-approval is required in the Jewelry, Shoes, and Watches categories

*Source: Black Friday Boasts $648 Million in U.S. Online Holiday Spending, Up 9 Percent vs. Year Ago ComScore
**Source: U.S. Online Sales on Cyber Monday Climbed 19%, Coremetrics Says Businessweek
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