Wednesday, January 5, 2011 Changes to Invitation Only Shopping Channel

In an email sent out to merchants on 1/4/11, announced that they've changed their Shopping Channel to an invitation-only model, in an effort to attract, larger, more reputable brands. This is a decision that will obviously affect smaller retailers who will be removed from Smarter's marketplace starting Feb.1st.

As they announced through their email and on their Smarter Merchant Registration Page

[In response to an evolution in consumer demand, SMARTER has decided to change the service we provide to consumers. The initial phase of this change is visibly evident in the new look and feel of the site. Additional efforts will include moving to a smaller, invitation only program...
This change will be made effective 12AM PST 2/1/2011. We thank you for your support of SMARTER and wish you great success in the 2011 year.]

If you have any questions regarding this decision, please see the FAQs below:

What changes is SMARTER making?
SMARTER is changing to a smaller, limited invitation only program which will focus on topical and seasonal shopping trends and exclusive deals at national online retailers.

Why was my site not included?
Due to the limited and customized nature of the program, we are only able to work with a small number of retailers. We have chosen retailers based upon product selection and availability, brand recognition and consumer demand.

What are my options if my site is not included? , Pricegrabber , and Shopzilla all have comparison shopping programs. You may decide to work with any one, if not all.

GoDataFeed merchants, if you've received this email, make sure to bring your feed to a close by 2/1/11.

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