Saturday, March 6, 2010

Volusion API failures - GoDataFeed work-around available

UPDATE (03/08/2010 12:00pm EST): As of this morning Volusion is still working on the fix for this issue, they noted that this might take a day or two to resolve. GoDataFeed has a work-around and so far all Volusion customers experiencing this issue on GoDataFeed have their feeds up and running with our temporary fix. Read more below...

Those merchants importing their data from Volusion into GoDataFeed may find that the Volusion API is not producing complete data for import, the root of this problem seems to stem from a recent Volusion version and/or feature deployment. While Volusion does not have a time-frame for a fix we trust they are working hard to resolve it.

In the meantime, if you are experiencing problems with your Volusion import (not all merchants are) please open a support ticket within your GoDataFeed control panel and we'll guide you through a quick work-around that will allow you to submit complete data feeds while Volusion fixes the issue.

We will continue to communicate with Volusion to find out when they expect a fix.
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